I love capybaras!  If you or someone you know does, too - then this might just bring a smile to that capybara-lovin' face!

This is a 2 color silkscreen print (red + gold ink) on hot pink cardstock.  Applied is a light dusting of glitter to enhance the capybara-ness.

This is a smaller, card-size print - approximately 5"x6".   Title: "Capy Valentines Day" (capybaras in luv).   Each print is hand signed & titled.

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These black & orange kitties make me think: HALLOWEEN!  And, although I think Halloween = the best. holiday. ever!, you can also add these lil guys to your collection for some year-round kitty awesomeness!

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A house full of cats + a laser pointer = hours of stoopid fun.......

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Inspired by one of my favorite TS vixens...

Feeding time at my house is very exciting!   Just the mere rattle of a food can, or the rustle of some dry kibble, gets everyone's attention.

Thus... "Food?!..."

A sweet and playful kitty image, perrrfect for those with good sense of humor.  I mean, everyone needs a lil at least once a year, right?...