about my printing process...

I swear, it takes me forever to make a silkscreen print. 

I just prefer to use a Screen-Filler/Drawing Fluid process to make all of my work, which requires a bit more time and retouching of the screens prior to printing.  That way I'm certain to have all the details exactly as I want them...which of course, feels like it's time well spent when I get the results I want.  And...*sigh*... sometimes my 'process' involves one of the cats 'helping'.

All of my prints are individually hand-pulled from hand-drawn screens and images -- which, if you're not totally familiar with the printing process, basically means that I've traced all of my illustrations on to each screen, color by color.  Then I pull the ink across each screen and hang the paper up to dry, rinse the screen, and repeat the process with the next color.  So I've handled each print personally and nothing is a digitally printed reproduction.

I like a loose, sketch-y look to most of my printing, with irregular edges, some roughness within the ink or paper, and some hand-painted or applied elements.  Therefore, many prints will feature natural variations and textures indicative of handmade artwork.

I hope you enjoy my work.  And if you like what you see and want to add it to your personal art collection, please contact me via my Etsy Shop with any questions you may have.