Hey Y'all -- So I recently decided that my 9-5 job, art job, and 5 companion animals wasn't enough to keep me busy, so i decided to buy a bar...

Yep, that's right... A Bar! 

While I'm still making art and being creative, this new endeavor is going to need some love, attention, and time to grow and flourish.

So as my website here will most likely take a vacation from updates for a bit, you can visit my bar website where I'll post updates on art events, special shows, new concoctions, inspirations, and all that now with the addition of booze!


And if you wanna come out and chat art over a tasty beverage, c'mon by my place:

The Black Cat Tavern on 12th

2654 S. 12th Street (corner of 12th & Oregon), South Philly, PA 19148




Marlise M. Tkaczuk is a Philadelphia artist / printmaker / illustrator. Her work predominantly consists of silkscreen prints and illustrations of quirky characters and imagined environments. Marlise tries to balance her time between making art, her 9-5 arts job in academia, hunting for easily attainable achievement points on her Xbox, over-loving her companion animals, quoting the Simpson’s out of context, being a (lazy) domestic goddess, complaining about public transportation, trying to get that one AM jazz radio station to come in crystal clear without...you know...that weird humming noise, & awaiting the impending zombie apocalypse.

Marlise has recently furthered her love for the strange & unusual & cats & quirky characters by opening up her inaugural independent art & industry endeavor: The Black Cat Tavern on 12th, bar and Art Gallery to sling booze & promote the work of other artists in Philadelphia & the surrounding area.


Hi & thanks for checking out my website!

If you have any questions about my artwork, printing process, Philly stuff, or how to make really good pierogies, feel free to message me.

You can best contact me via my Etsy Shop: MarliseScreenPrints or follow me on Twitter: @MarliseMTkaczuk

Also having finally opened my shop on Etsy, you can now purchase artwork directly from me!  Click on my shop's name here:    MarliseScreenPrints   to check it out - or visit my SHOP page on this site for additional details.